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How To Execute
Creative Testing Strategies
Built for Scale

Attention spans are shrinking! You’ve got less than 1 second to hook a user that’s scrolling their feed.

We’ve spent over $100m to master the art of the scroll-stop and are sharing our secrets. Grab the free eBook now!

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Here’s a glimpse into the eBook:

We walk you through our exact formula to create and run a high performance creative strategy.

We’ve taken care of the heavy lifting—we’ve scaled countless creative tests and compiled answers to some of the trickiest questions along the way…just for you!

How do I develop creative variations and test groups?

What KPIs should I be considering to determine creative success?

How can I scale my creative tests across different audience segments?

What is creative testing and how can our eBook help you?

Creative testing is the process of launching, comparing, and evaluating different variations of an ad’s creative elements to determine which performs best against target KPIs.

Our eBook highlights the value of a creative testing strategy and, when you’re ready, teaches you how to execute your own.

Zachary Murray
Founder, Foreplay

“Most people think the bottle neck between good and great is being able to produce an extraordinary amount of creatives at scale, but this misses a crucial detail and that’s a testing framework that enables you to learn and evolve from your testing.

The gap between good and great is when you have structure in place to learn from every dollar you spend, even if it’s a flop.”

Learn what drives your audience to action in 3 steps

Step 1.

Plan & Create

With your objectives and KPIs in mind, we’ll guide you through the steps to establish a hypothesis-driven approach. Our method helps in setting clear expectations for your creative test.

Next, we’ll demonstrate how to create a comprehensive testing roadmap and provide real-world examples to illustrate the process.

Step 2.

Execute & Analyze

From developing various creative variations to isolating test groups, we’ll walk you through the process of executing creative tests and share valuable tips to enhance efficiency.

Additionally, we’ll delve into the assessment of statistically significant factors and share best practices for measuring them against your target KPIs.

Step 3.

Refine & Scale

Equipped with the insights from the test results, we will lead you through the process of iterating and refining your creative elements to achieve further improvements.

To ensure the ongoing effectiveness of your creative testing cycle, we’ll share our best practices for scaling successful creatives across various campaigns.

Identify high-performing creatives Scale Make $$$ Repeat