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Our Team

People are not Socium’s most important asset. The right people are Socium’s most important asset. We are committed to doing the right thing and delivering the best digital marketing results we are capable of.

Owen Loft


Owen moved from the competitive world of professional poker to digital marketing.  Poker’s skillset of analytics, psychology, and calculated risk were a huge help in the transition. Outside of work, Owen loves to travel and has been to 35+ countries.

Sam Sherman


Sam has been on the agency side of the digital world for 9+ years. Name an industry & he has likely played a pivotal role in digital strategy & execution. Inspired by his late grandfather who was a business owner, his #1 goal is to create an amazing workplace.

Matt Missert

sr. strategist, paid media

Matt has 2+ years digital marketing experience and enjoys the analytical side of using numbers to identify trends & growth opportunities. He looks forward to the day where aliens or robots take over the world & he won’t have to pay off his student loans.

Matthew Smith

team lead, paid media

Matt has been in the digital marketing space for 6+ years and has managed accounts across multiple verticals. He is detail oriented and loves getting in the weeds. Legend has it, he never touches his mouse when using Excel and loves a good SUMIFS formula.

David Kim

manager, paid media

Coming from a quantitative and qualitative background, David has been able to innovate the digital marketing space. He is excited about efficiency, solving problems, and working on his jumpshot in office basketball shootouts.

Ricky Weiss

manager, seo

While some may call it an addiction, Ricky likes to think his love of digital marketing and entrepreneurship is more of a “severe passion.” Armed with a laptop, Google Analytics, and an Excel Worksheet, you might find Ricky taking down competitors, one keyword position at a time.

Paige Muyskens

team lead, paid social

Paige has been in digital marketing since 2014. With a background in psychology, she is passionate about experimentation, problem-solving, & collaboration. She enjoys Steely Dan & a good sandwich. Not necessarily together, but always a welcomed combination.

Emily Frenkel

strategist, paid media

Emily is excited to be in the constantly evolving Digital Marketing field. Emily is committed to overcome any marketing challenge that may present itself. She is motivated to always go above and beyond. She is undefeated in air hockey & prides herself on being an expert foodie.

George Serpikov

manager, paid media

George has been loading up the Google Ads interface for 4+ years now, and has provided insight, analysis, and friendly banter to paid search clients across multiple verticals. Beyond that, he enjoys cooking, traveling, spinning, and binging the latest season of Survivor.

Kevin Johnson

team lead, paid social

Kevin has been working in paid social for 5+ years across many verticals including CPG, QSR, education, and entertainment. He is passionate about solutions, creative testing, and trending social channels. In his free time, he loves a good RPG video game.

Gabbie Toback

sr. strategist, paid media

Gabbie has cross-channel paid media experience across a wide range of verticals including retail, iGaming, B2B, and financial services. She’s a tenacious problem-solver who’s a fan of creating innovative winning scenarios. In her free time, you can find her at a Brooklyn brewery or natural wine bar with her dog.

Allie Salvatore

sr. strategist, shopping & feed management

Allie has been working in paid media for 2 years specializing in shopping and feed management. She is data driven, passionate for what she does and is always up for a challenge to solve a problem. In her free time she loves seeking out new adventures like exploring a new hiking trail with her dog, Charlie.

Frances Skakel

sr. strategist, paid media

Frances has been working in the digital marketing space for the past 2.5 years across both paid search and paid social. Aside from testing new strategies and optimizations, she enjoys hiking, crime fiction, crossword puzzles and really anything after 2+ cups of coffee.

Anthony Saladino

sr. manager, paid media

Anthony is no stranger to marketing with more than 8 years experience. He has a passion for emerging media, building relationships & jumpstarting brand performance. Outside of digital marketing, he channels his inner Anthony Bourdain- with his love for travel, cooking, & eating new dishes.

Mari Bonadonna

sr. strategist, paid media

Mari has been working in paid social for 3 years with heavy experience in QSRs. She is fascinated by the ever-evolving social landscape and how to best optimize strategy to drive results. Aside from social media, Mari also loves desserts, podcasts, and Ariana Grande.

Lucy Camuti

strategist, paid media

Lucy’s performance marketing background puts a big emphasis on brand growth. With a background in environmental science, Lucy finds solace in data extraction and analysis. She is passionate about sustainability, education, & eye-catching brands. In her spare time, you can usually find her scrolling through a new magazine or skateboarding.

Kevin Lee

manager, shopping & feed management

Kevin brings a diverse professional background in digital marketing, ecommerce, and project management which he uses to drive strategy and client growth. Outside of work, he enjoys rooting for the Yankees and being outdoors with his three dogs in tow.

Peter Angelopoulos

sr. strategist, paid media

Peter comes from a paid search background, where he’s worked with some of the largest companies in the finance and telecommunication verticals. When he’s not working to identify new opportunities to improve performance, he can be found on a golf course or driving around in his mustang.

Alyssa Silig

analyst, paid media

Alyssa has a passion for optimizing brand performance and is always looking for new ways to encourage growth and drive results. With a background in content creation, she is excited to expand into paid social. In her spare time, she’s happiest on a hiking trail, in a thrift store, or writing/reading short stories

Ashley Grieco

strategist, paid media

Ashley has experience across various areas of digital marketing but has found a home in paid media. She is passionate about keeping up with the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape and testing out the latest trends. Outside of work, she loves to explore the city and is on the hunt for the best brunch spot.

Madeline Johnson

strategist, paid media

Madeline’s digital marketing experience includes starting her own small social media business amidst the 2020 pandemic. In her previous role, she specialized in coaching marketers on their FB/IG strategies. An Arizona native now living in NYC, you can find her exploring her new city one juice bar at a time, attempting a new yoga pose or hanging out at one of NYC’s many rooftop restaurants.

Anré Nguyen

manager, paid media

Anré has experience across a variety of digital channels, driving both direct response and brand awareness efforts in order to grow businesses. Though she hails from Seattle, she is neither outdoorsy nor athletic, and is better off foraging the NYC terrain for the best slice of pizza.

Jess Greenhut

sr. strategist, paid media

Jess has managed accounts across multiple verticals on both Search and Social. She enjoys developing new strategies, testing, optimizations, writing creative copy. Outside of work, she enjoys playing tennis, spending time with friends and family, and trying the latest trends on TikTok.

Rachel Janowsky

analyst, shopping & feed management

Rachel is excited to be in the expanding digital marketing field. Driven by passion and curiosity she enjoys analyzing and understanding consumer trends. In her free time, you can find her hiking in the Hudson Valley or trying new restaurants with friends.

Francesca Bacarossi

manager, paid media

Francesca lives in Florida and has 5+ years of experience across search, sales and multicultural marketing. With a passion for uncovering data trends and consumer insights, it’s no surprise Google Trends is her favorite bookmark. Outside of work she enjoys binging on fantasy books, any and all beach activities and cooking Peruvian food.

Jennifer Nwokolo

analyst, shopping & feeds

Jennifer is excited to contribute her passion for digital marketing to the industry. She’s ready to use her skills to create the best results possible. Outside of work, she is either watching a movie, thrifting, or falling on a skateboard.

Rebecca Sands

strategist, paid media

Rebecca has paid media experience across several platforms including Google, Amazon and Instacart. She’s passionate about helping clients develop strategies to meet their goals and drive results. In her free time, she enjoys going to the beach, staying active, and finding the best breweries around New Jersey and New York.

Abby Miller

sr. strategist, paid media

Abby has an extensive background in marketing, especially when it comes to paid media channels within QSR, B2B, and B2C verticals. Outside of work she enjoys tennis, yoga, traveling, and documentaries.

Alisha Martin

marketing manager

Alisha is a New Hampshire native with 8+ years of experience in marketing strategy, graphic design, and content creation. When she isn’t solving marketing mysteries, you can find her outdoors with her dogs, binge-watching true crime docs, or looking for the best gin & tonic.

Ian De La Rocha

analyst, paid social

Ian is making his introduction to the advertising world after working in the environmental industry. With a background in digital marketing, he’s very passionate about the intersection of technology, culture and anthropology. When not on the grind, you can find him either playing video games or exploring the city of Boston.

Rachel Weisner

analyst, paid search

Rachel has a rich background in organic marketing and is excited to utilize it for her new role at Socium. When she’s not working, you can find her on the Peloton, watching some of her favorite tv shows, or adventuring with her dog.


manager, paid media

Nina has been working in paid social for 5+ years and has experience in CPG, sports, education, and B2B verticals. She packages creativity alongside a strong work ethic, analytical thinking, and carefully developed strategy. In her free time, she enjoys making puns, watching a Wes Anderson movie, baking scones, and playing tennis.

Evan Hoeflich

manager, seo

Working exclusively in the SEO field for the past 6+ years, Evan would say he has a “healthy obsession” with all things SEO and delivering great results for clients. From tag writing to technical SEO audits, he enjoys it all. When he’s away from his laptop, Evan loves being outdoors, going on hikes with his fiancé and puppy, playing golf and spending time with family and friends.

Hannah Dougherty

paid social, sr. strategist

Of Hannah’s 4 years’ of Paid Social experience, 2 are specialized in E-Commerce. She loves witnessing how optimizations and efficiencies improve over time. Outside of work, she enjoy books, yoga, and watching the Philadelphia Eagles during football season.



Moose makes appearances here and there. Only if treats are readily available.