Our Team

People are not Socium’s most important asset. The right people are Socium’s most important asset. We are committed to doing the right thing and delivering the best digital marketing results we are capable of.

Owen Loft


Owen moved from the competitive world of professional poker to digital marketing.  Poker’s skillset of analytics, psychology, and calculated risk were a huge help in the transition. Outside of work, Owen loves to travel and has been to 35+ countries.

Sam Sherman


Sam has been on the agency side of the digital world for 8+ years. Name an industry & he has likely played a pivotal role in digital strategy & execution. Inspired by his late grandfather who was a business owner, his #1 goal is to create an amazing workplace.

Matt Missert

strategist, paid media

Matt has 2+ years digital marketing experience and enjoys the analytical side of using numbers to identify trends & growth opportunities. He looks forward to the day where aliens or robots take over the world & he won’t have to pay off his student loans.

Matthew Smith

sr. strategist, paid media

Matt has been in the digital marketing space for 4+ years and has managed accounts across multiple verticals. He is detail oriented and loves getting in the weeds. Legend has it, he never touches his mouse when using Excel and loves a good SUMIFS formula.

David Kim

strategist, paid media

Coming from a quantitative and qualitative background, David has been working in the Digital Marketing world since 2017. He is excited about efficiency, solving problems, and working on his jumpshot in office basketball shootouts.

Jess Rothberg

strategist, paid media

Jess has worked in the digital marketing space for 2+ years with experience across multiple verticals. She is a Ft. Lauderdale native and misses the Florida sun all winter. Outside of work she loves to do yoga, suffer in spin classes, cook, and play team sports.

Ricky Weiss

sr. strategist, seo

While some may call it an addiction, Ricky’s likes to think his love of digital marketing and entrepreneurship is more of a “severe passion.” Armed with a laptop, Google Analytics and an Excel Worksheet, you might find Ricky taking down competitors, one keyword position at a time.