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From March 22 – 24, I tuned into my first virtual event of 2022—Adweek’s Mediaweek! I walked away feeling inspired and ready to incorporate the newly found knowledge into my work. They say caring is sharing, so here are 4 key takeaways I gathered and examples of how you can apply them to your day-to-day.

1. Bias exists in data.

Whether intentional or not, bias is naturally introduced into data when collecting, preparing, or modeling/forecasting. Bias will always exist in data; the ultimate goal is to limit it.

Actionable steps you can take:
  • Shift your mindset by approaching the data with an understanding that bias exists within it.
  • If possible, add keywords into the data that might be more prevalent within communities outside of your own.
  • Look through negative keywords to see if any of the terms should be revised or removed because they have different meanings in other communities.
  • Ensure your ad copy speaks to the community you are targeting correctly.

2. Stay away from assumption-based marketing. 

Don’t make strategic or tactical decisions because of an assumption; always ensure you have data to support your plan. By using data and meeting people where they are, you’ll understand their concerns, hopes, and fears, and gain the ability to provide the correct information and solutions to their specific situations.

Actionable steps you can take:
  • Make sure you’re proactively running tests to ensure you have data to support upcoming marketing strategies.
  • When analyzing what is working and what isn’t, rely on the existing data to determine. Don’t act on hunches!
  • Refrain from launching new tactics for the sake of trying something new. Ensure the new tactic has proper synergies with other tests you’re running.

3. CTV is an excellent addition to your overall marketing mix, but shouldn’t be used as a stand-alone tactic.

Consumer adoption is growing and moving quickly, but YoY advertisement investment is not keeping pace (yet).

Actionable steps you can take:
  • Try testing CTV prospecting and remarketing alongside your other channels.
  • Ensure the video creatives complement each other and align with where the users are in the funnel.
  • Measure overall lift from the start to determine if CTV has a positive impact on your business and overall goals.

4. Twitch is one of the future directions of digital media. 

Twitch continues to grow among the younger demographic. Similar to TikTok, video creatives are essential within the Twitch platform.

Actionable steps you can take:
  • Launch Twitch campaigns to test your audience engagement and see if it’s a valuable channel to dedicate ad budget towards.
  • Differentiate yourself from other advertisers by making excellent quality video content. Tip: this content can usually be repurposed for other channels like YouTube and CTV!

Whether you’re looking to refine your current strategies or test new channels, digital marketing is constantly evolving, which means there is always room for improvement. Here at Socium Media, we’re proud to be a forward-thinking agency and consistently look for ways to improve our client’s success. If you’re looking for opportunities to grow your brand and business, please get in touch!

Anthony Saladino