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The answer is actually rather simple. First, you will need to increase the number of keywords that your website ranks for by adding relevant keywords to your website. Then, you will need to make sure that those keywords are spread out throughout the content on your site. This will help maximize SEO (search engine optimization) for all pages on your website and help your website start ranking for new and relevant keywords.

This blog post will talk about how you can boost keyword rankings by including more relevant words with higher search value and then how to build links back to your website.

How to Increase Your Websites Organic Keywords

To increase your website’s total keywords, you will need to make sure your website is optimized for SEO. To optimize your website for SEO, there are a few things you will need to optimize.

First, optimize your website meta tags:

Title Tags

    • Should be 60-70 characters in length.
    • Utilize the keywords that a particular page should target.
    • Must be 100% unique.
    • Do not overuse the same keywords.

Meta Descriptions

    • Should be 150-160 characters in length.
    • Should describe the content on that particular page.
    • Must be 100% unique.
    • Do not necessarily need to include keywords.

H1 Tags

    • This will be the name of the page or product.

ALT Tags

    • Describe the image.
    • Use a keyword if possible.

Next, optimize your website copy.

Adding copy to a category page is one of the best optimizations you can make to strengthen your page in terms of SEO. When Google crawls a page, the crawler analyzes the meta tags to get a general idea of what the page is about, then it crawls the content on the page. If the same keywords that appear in the meta tags, appear in the content, the page will have a much better chance of ranking for the target keywords.

Optimizing your meta tags and either optimizing existing copy or adding copy to your website, are two of the best things you can do to your website to increase the total number of keywords the website ranks for.

How to Increase Keyword Position

Relevant Copy

Increasing keyword position really comes down to two things, as well. First, make sure your content is relevant to the keywords you are targeting. If you are bringing users to the website that end up bouncing, Google will decrease your keyword position. So, while adding copy is important, the quality copy is more important than the quantity of copy.

Guest Posting

Guest posting on external websites, in exchange for a link back to your website, is a process called link building. This is a typical way we would go about building links to your pages with the goal of increasing keyword ranking.

Increasing the number of links to a particular page increases the page authority and ultimately the website’s domain authority. Domain Authority is a metric out of 100, that summarizes how competitive a website will be within a SERP. A higher DA will typically outperform a low DA website because Google will recognize that more websites are willing to link to a high DA website, so it must be reputable.

To Sum It All Up

To summarize, there are a few simple ways to increase the ranking of your pages in Google’s SERPs.

First, you must optimize your content for keywords using keyword research and analysis tools like Ahrefs, SEMRush, or Then, you must increase backlinks from external sites through guest posting or social media shares.

Have a question that wasn’t answered above, or would you like to speak with our SEO team about increasing your keyword ranking? Feel free to reach out by filling out a free consultation form.

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