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With YouTube exploding and everyone trying to start a channel to build their brand, it is essential to perform keyword research for your YouTube videos if you expect to drive organic views to your videos. Keyword research allows you to identify words to use within your video, the title, the description, and tags to help your videos rank higher and draw clicks from the YouTube results page.

Let’s walk through how to perform keyword research and which tools you can use!

What is YouTube Keyword Research?

YouTube video keyword research is the process of finding low competition keywords with search volume to use within your videos, titles, descriptions, and YouTube tags.

With YouTube becoming such a competitive space, all new channels, and even large channels, need to utilize keyword research to find topics to make videos about, as well as, find keywords to help their videos rank higher and bring in more views. 

Keyword Research Tools

To perform keyword research for your YouTube videos, consider using the following options:

YouTube Auto Suggestion

To utilize the auto-suggestion feature, sign out of YouTube, or open up a private browser and begin to enter your keyword into the search bar. You will see YouTube begin to suggest search phrases. These suggested searches are based on YouTube’s data on popular searches. We can assume auto-complete or auto-suggestion searches have search volume associated with them and many people are searching these. 

One tip is to type in “_ “ or “underscore then a space” before your search term. This will suggest searches where the keyword is in the middle or end of the search.  


Ahrefs is a great keyword research tool for YouTube. Simply select YouTube as the search engine, then type in the keyword, or keywords, you’d like to rank for. Click search and you will see the search volume, the average number of clicks a particular keyword gets, and then additional keywords users are searching.


TubeBuddy is a great free tool that all YouTubers should be using. Sign up for a TubeBuddy account for free, then download the extension. Once downloaded, go to the keyword explorer and type in your keyword. Click search, then you’ll see an overall score comparing how often the keyword gets searched and how competitive the keyword is. 

One of the best features in TubeBuddy is the ability to import the keywords as YouTube tags when you are uploading a new video.

To Sum It All Up

Keyword research is extremely important to increase the exposure your video can receive from YouTube’s internal search engine. If you are a new YouTube channel, I strongly recommend you perform keyword research before investing your time into a video. Ensuring the keywords you target are not too competitive and people are searching for them will greatly increase the likelihood of your channel’s success.

If you have a question about YouTube keyword research, or you’d like to speak to one of our SEO Strategists, feel free to fill out a free consultation form.

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