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Canopy Case Study:

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Company Profile

Founded in 2020, Canopy offers ‘the world’s cleanest and most convenient’ humidifiers and aroma diffusers. Recommended by dermatologists and pediatricians, its unique humidifier design filters dust and particles while utilizing evaporative technology to fill rooms with invisible moisture.

The Challenge

Canopy wanted to increase new customer acquisition, drive humidifier subscription orders, and boost its domain authority score.

Services We Provided

What Socium Identified:

Winter is a high-demand season for humidifiers, so creating a multi-channel campaign during the winter season was ideal
SEO-optimized content would strengthen organic reach and help boost the domain authority score

Our Strategic Approach

Launched paid media and paid search campaigns to increase new customer acquisition:

Θ For Facebook and Instagram, we started with a broad audience and adjusted accordingly once top performers began to stand out. In addition to our data-informed learnings, we utilized Faraday (a predictive consumer behavior platform) to leverage expanded audiences and increase the potential customer pool. Because we invested time testing audiences, we targeted a more engaged potential audience pool, increasing the likelihood of potential customers converting (while simultaneously decreasing the cost per acquisition of each new customer).

Θ On Google and Bing, we divided campaigns into branded and non-branded groups to utilize unique match types and bidding strategies for each segment. We also fine-tuned campaign audiences to target past visitors on the website, in-market and affinity audiences, specific demographics, and geo-targeted locations. These metrics allowed us to easily maintain seasonal flexibility.

Θ To ensure all campaign optimizations aligned with our KPI of growing new customer acquisition, we maintained open communication with the Canopy team and adjusted ad spend concerning customer acquisition costs. This resulted in higher conversion rates and lower costs after each optimization/iteration.

To drive an increase in subscription orders, we created shopping & feed campaigns:

Θ Similar to the approach we took with paid search, we created branded and non-branded shopping campaigns. Each campaign was then segmented into three distinct product types: humidifiers, diffusers, and aroma kits.

Θ To guarantee that the correct keywords were triggering our ads and our ad budget was being spent efficiently, we maintained a healthy list of negative keywords. We also increased bids and adjusted targeted conversion value goals as shopping data was collected and analyzed, guaranteeing our impression share was as high as possible.

We focused heavily on SEO optimizations to increase the domain authority score:

Θ We optimized all existing content to include supporting SEO tags and matching keywords. The SEO tags were then optimized to include low difficulty and high volume keywords—including title tags, meta descriptions, H1, and alt tags.

Θ To accelerate increasing the domain authority score, we partnered with a press agency to support the link-building process, targeting high-authority websites.

Θ Once Canopy’s website had a solid foundation of content that was SEO optimized, we developed a content strategy to amplify and support it. We compiled a list of keywords and questions and created new blog content targeting them. This effort alone lead to a massive increase in organic traffic, domain authority score, and reader/brand trust. We strategically generated content that contained seasonal keywords for winter during the summer months and vice versa. This 3-6 month time frame allowed the content to gain SEO traction and rank higher on search engines during the targeted peak season(s).

Paid Media Results (YoY):

Increase in new customer acquisition
Increase in orders from Facebook campaigns
Increase in orders from Google campaigns
Increase in revenue from Google campaigns

SEO Results (YoY):

Increase in
organic transactions
+29 pt
Increase in
domain authority score
New keywords
are ranking

Future Plans

Since helping Canopy significantly increase its domain authority score, brand awareness, and overall revenue, we’re working on campaigns to decrease seasonality’s impact on their bottom line.

— Charlie Denby (Director of Growth)

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