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CTV Ads Lead to +160% Increase in
Total Site Revenue for Fashion Brand

Company Profile

Known for their playful-yet-sophisticated designs, this women’s fashion brand was founded in NYC in the early 2000s. During the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, they soared as their fashionable designs captured attention across the globe.

The Challenge

Our client was looking for opportunities to broaden their marketing channels and increase campaign performance.

Services We Provided

What Socium Identified:

CTV ads = 🔑
CTV (connected TV) ads are an excellent opportunity for women’s fashion brands to increase audience exposure and awareness

Our Strategic Approach

Creatives hold the keys to success when it comes to CTV ads. With that in mind, we understood that a combination of eye-catching videos, audio, and color palette was essential.

Θ Based on successful campaigns we’ve implemented in the past, we made strategic recommendations to our client’s creative team.
Θ To see which formats worked best, we launched three different creatives for two different shoe styles. The variables tested were creatives, ad duration, and visibility of website URL.

Because this was the first time our client had run CTV advertisements, we needed to start from scratch on target audience metrics.

Θ We targeted department store shoppers, brand propensities, behavioral attributes, and specific demographics utilizing Oracle Data Cloud. This blend ensured that we were capturing their largest audience.

We allocated 80% of spend to video ads and 20% to audience extension ads to nurture our audience. 

Θ Retargeting filters consisted of recent views and page views while we negated any past converters through the CRM Data beta within the MNTN UI.

CTV has had a “halo effect” on the brand, resulting in:

Increase in sessions
30 days post-launch
Increase in total site revenue
30 days post-launch


Future Plans

Due to the substantial results of this campaign, we’ve worked with our client to include connected tv in their advertising strategy for the foreseeable future. In addition, we’re testing additional creatives and products to refine their audience further and increase brand awareness.

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