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For many reasons, TikTok has been the topic of many paid social conversations lately. Regardless of its future, one thing is clear—as long as it’s around, advertisers will continue investing in the platform and the audience will continue growing.

Understanding the nuances of the platform (and the potential it holds for our clients) has been paramount to our team since adopting TikTok ads. So when TikTok invited us to their invite-only SXSW FYP Conference in Austin, TX, we didn’t hesitate!


Hosted by TikTok’s Independent Agency Team, this 2-day conference was filled with workshops, presentations, and panels hosted by the hottest brands, agencies, and TikTok SMEs. As you can imagine, we learned a LOT in those 48 hours. So, in place of our monthly Paid Social Division Blog, we’ve summarized 4 key takeaways for you!

What We Learned from SXSW FYP 

  1. It’s time to break up with last-click as your only source of truth.
    If you only leverage last-click data, your paid social campaigns will suffer, especially for TikTok. Last-click is far from the “truth,” as multiple touchpoints give paid social a higher multiplier than we see. To measure true success, push for platform data, PPS (pay per sale), and MTA (multi-touch attribution) tools.


  2. Produce content that entertains and aligns with themes and trends.
    If your ad looks like an ad and talks like an ad, it probably isn’t going to work on TikTok. Brands are rewarded when they create content that is engaging and entertaining, NOT making “ads.”  Work with organic and influencer marketing teams to supply the large content needed to fuel your TikTok campaigns. Find the trends and lean into those audiences with creative that resonates for them.


  3. Refresh creative every 7 days.
    Yes, you read that correctly—7 DAYS! Build in new creative refreshes every 7 days based on what is working and new trends in the platform. Cycling in 50 iterations at once for success is not unusual, and even small changes can pay dividends!


  4. Test, test, and test some more!
    Testing new betas in a platform has never been more critical than it is with TikTok. Find success in new Smart Performance Campaign and Video Shopping Ad campaigns to unlock potential scale. Set up your MTA tools, gather your creative from all sides of the business, and test, test, test!

The problem many brands face with TikTok is how unique the platform is—it truly challenges everything you know (or think you know!) about advertising and paid social. You might even think successfully advertising on TikTok is an impossible task, but it isn’t, and you know what’s even better? From creation to implementation, we can help. ⬇️ 

Nina Dans