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You’ve probably heard us say that people aren’t Socium’s most important asset; the right people are Socium’s most important asset. That’s why we started our Socium Spotlight series, where we shine a light on the diverse and unique personalities that make up the Socium team.

For this month’s Socium Spotlight, we’re excited to feature our Content Editor, Stephany Reyes!

Looking back on your first day at Socium, how do your expectations compare to the reality of your role?
My expectations were absolutely crushed (in a good way!). The culture at Socium is unmatched. The work ethic at this company is like no other; people want to succeed, and that’s due to the amazing culture. My role is incredibly rewarding, exactly what I’ve been searching for!

What made you choose this career path?
Journalism will always have a special place in my heart. I wanted to expand my skills and become a more well-rounded writer and editor. Content creation has always been a passion, and I’m incredibly excited to foster, nurture, and expand my skills at Socium for years to come.

What has Socium taught you about the marketing/advertising industry?
Being a part of the SEO team has created several learning opportunities. Sitting in on client meetings with other departments showcases how crucial teamwork is in creating the bigger picture for the client. From reporting keyword trends to highlighting sales, we’re working together to achieve positive results for our clients.

Finish this sentence: ‘You can learn a lot about Socium by looking at its ____.’
Team. The Socium team is composed of brilliant, hard-working professionals who are ready and able to complete client tasks for optimal results. We have fun and get the work done!

What’s your favorite job perk that Socium offers?
Company retreats! It’s a big perk for a remote-first company. It’s an excellent way for us to come together, get to know each other, explore a new area together, and just have fun with team-building activities.

Have you always wanted to work in the marketing/advertising industry? Why or why not?
I always knew that I eventually wanted to shift from small-town journalism into the big digital world. I have so many interests, and the marketing/advertising industry opens up so many opportunities for me to learn and become a better asset for my team.

What did you use to daydream about being when you grew up?
Believe it or not – an astrophysicist! I enjoy my career path too much to explore anything else, but I still like to read and learn more about astrophysics.

What kind of approach do you take when working with clients?
I’m a big brainstormer. The team I work with is brilliant. I like to pick different brains, ask questions, and see other points of view. This helps me create a clearer and more effective roadmap that is more targeted for the client.

Cats or dogs (or other!)?

Both! I have two dogs (Benito and Pinto) and two cats (Simba and Coco). Their personalities are vastly different, which I love, and they all get along seamlessly!

Thank you, Stephany, for working with us on this month’s Socium Spotlight!    


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